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We Dont Go To Sleep Tonight!
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I DON'T do:
-Art Trades
I don't add OCs to my AWJTK comic for now.
Commissions are currently closed.

AWJTK Stamp by XxInfamousWormxX


In my gallery you can find:

-Photos of nature, exotic animals like snakes, tarantulas, little mammals etc.
-Some fan fiction.

Drawings of:

-Xiaolin Showdown
-The Hobbit/ LOTR
-Fantasy (dragons, werewolves, monsters...)
-The Witcher
-Harry Potter
-Lion King
-Horror Slashers
-Animal Art
Cartoons, semi-realistic and realistic.



Remember the copyright. Art and photo theft is a crime like any other crime.
If you want to use - ask me, I'm always open for questions and ideas.
I never say "no" with no reason :)
Thank you.

Now about me...

What I like: Animals, nature, Yaoi/Slash, CreepyPasta, horror movies, Pokemon, Hobbit, etc. I like what I draw and I draw what I like.

What I dislike: Animal abuse, haters, spammers, art theft, people who mess with nature.


YouTube channel:…



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Every point will be muchly appreciated and will encourage me to upload my comic pages more often.

Thank you!

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Chinese dragons (snakelike, wing-less) or European dragons (with wings)? 

712 deviants said I like both equally!
266 deviants said European dragons!
169 deviants said Chinese dragons!
Apparently some people are "pissed" at me for doing the comic slow. 
Some "fans" - who were fans only when each page came for each 3 days -apparently giving me the "silent treatment".

Some people have that opinion that I HAVE to run this comic, that I HAVE to upload pages often or either I fail as an artist. No, no, no, no.
I wanted to make something clear here, huns and hunnies.

I don't HAVE to update anything, I want it to be clear to everyone.
I have a life, hobbies, animals, and even if I didn't, I still don't have any obligation to continue this or any other of my comics. 
I don't earn money from them. If I did, if people payed me, like many artists demand (and often a SHITLOAD OF MONEY as I know artists with not so great art skills and quite poor, confusing plots who charge +500 dollars PER PAGE!!! And even though, their uploading shedules are slow. If you got me half this amount per AWJTK page, I'd be shitting them out like a high speed HD printer, lol), then yes, indeed, that would be indeed a different situation and a right to be pissed off! Because you're paying money for it. And I'm failing to deliver you what you paid for.

But in situation like this? You're enjoying a free entertaiment, so being pissed and offended and thus many "fans" giving me a silent treatment isn't exactly the most mature thing to do :XD:
Honestly it only proves what kind of people they are. 
Selfish and thinking only of themselves and of me as a machine farting out free comics because she HAS to. No she doesn't. Newsflash XD

That thing usually got between 100-200, sometimes up to 500 comments per page... until I started uploading things at slower pace and dared to take interest in other things.
I deeply apologize to all those dissapointed "fans" that I didn't stay in one boring fandom for the rest of my life and failed to upload a page per two days... Happens.

Honestly this one is done mostly EXACTLY FOR PEOPLE.
I myself lost interest in CP moooonths ago. I'm into other fandoms now, Hobbit and LOTR mostly.
All that keeps me doing that is people, and a bit of interest I have left + attachment to certain characters. For FREE.
Instead of being pissed off, I'll gladly let people read this and appreciate if they're capable of it.
Appreciate the fact I didn't throw this comic into a dumpster and move to start Hobbit comics I have so many deep headcanon plots for that would be much better than this mess.
I draw this because I like entertaining people who grew attached to it and thus didn't want to abandon it to do not dissapoint those who like it.
Others expect money. I never did, even though I was encouraged by my entire family to charge money for my art. I only enjoyed and enjoy comments from people.
I myself watched one comic like crazy, and guess what? The artist stopped uploading. I waited, never blaming him, patiently. It was his right.
He started making the comic again, after guess as long? TWO YEARS! And I dug into it like into a delicious cake, again, enjoying it as much as I did two years ago.

For those who stick to it and with me, comment and appreciate - THANK YOU :) You're the only reason I'm still doing this, guys!
And I read, appreciate and remember every single comment and I love the humor you put into many of those comments as well as your reactions.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that, but honestly, this kind of treatment from people of my person gives me quite a bad mood for the day - and towards the comic itself. Thus one of the main reasons I'm not so interested in it anymore.

Peace :iconfeellikeasirplz:
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XLH210 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Hello, Sapphire! This is just a little message about your AWJTK comic. If it's a-ok with you to possibly make a dub out of your infamous AWJTK series?

I wanted to do this earlier but since school was still active I decided to hold off that thought. But now since school is finally over for me, now I have plenty more time to work on things. The first of course being your AWJTK series. Now, during the course of time, I understand that people have been possibly using, re-uploading, or just plain bloody stealing it. Since that situation, you are probably biased on whom you can trust with this.

If by any means, I'm not allowed to dub your comic, that's completely fine. I just thought I would take the time to write this asking if I could use it or not. Thank you for taking the time to read this; I can't wait to hear your response. Bye now! =D
Sapphiresenthiss Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I don't see why not :) Since you're asking and you'll have fun doing this, I really don't see why not.
Go for it! 
Supercat039 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Hey can I get a request?
Sapphiresenthiss Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ReiChanartz Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hey,Sapphire! a fun fact!

did you know that Mahigun (your character which I love! XD) in my traditional language XD it means "wolf"

Mahekan ( I think that's how its spelled lol X'D)

I've wanted to tell you for a long time, because I didn't have DA that

Your amazing! hehe...
Sapphiresenthiss Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Now that is a fun fact indeed!
But yes, I knew that ;) This was the edited word indeed!

Thank you =D
xRenaSonozakix Featured By Owner May 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heya, Sapphi (I hope it's okay for me to call you that). I hope you're animals are doing good as well as you c: I was wondering if you have any experience with betta fish?
Sapphiresenthiss Featured By Owner May 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! It's okay to call me that, I don't mind ;)
Sadly, no, I don't keep any fish besides goldfish, so I sadly won't be able to help much...
I'm more of a reptile-person.
xRenaSonozakix Featured By Owner May 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh okies, thanks c: and yay nicknames!
Hi, I wanted to stop by and say that I LOVE your art and style, I personally think it's amazing and stunning. And all I wanna say is keep doing what makes you happy in life ^^
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