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I DON'T do:
-Art Trades
I don't add OCs to my AWJTK comic for now.
Commissions are currently closed.

AWJTK Stamp by XxInfamousWormxX


In my gallery you can find:

-Photos of nature, exotic animals like snakes, tarantulas, little mammals etc.
-Some fan fiction.

Drawings of:

-Fantasy (dragons, werewolves, monsters...)
-The Witcher
-Harry Potter
-Lion King
-Alvin and The Chipmunks
-Horror Slashers
-Animal Art
Cartoons, semi-realistic and realistic ;)


Remember the copyright. Art and photo theft is a crime.
If you want to use - ask me, I'm always open for questions and ideas. I never say "no" with no reason :)
Thank you.

Now about me...

What I like: Animals, nature, Yaoi, CreepyPasta, horror movies, Pokemon, etc.

What I dislike: Animal abuse (makes me go on rampage), haters, spammers, people who mess with nature.



Current Residence: Poland
Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite cartoon character: My characters: - young labradors Bursztyn & Puc
Personal Quote: Freedom or death/ Wolność albo śmierć



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Hello everyone!
If you like my Adventures With Jeff The Killer comic & other stuff, please leave a point or two :)
Every point will be muchly appreciated and will encourage me to upload my comic pages more often.

Thank you!

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Ticci Toby x Herzog the Nazi zombie or Ticci Toby x Leatherface/Thomas Hewitt? 

257 deviants said BOTH!
201 deviants said Ticci Toby x Leatherface/Thomas Hewitt!!! :heart:
125 deviants said Ticci Toby x Herzog!!! :heart:
58 deviants said None!
Let me make some things clear as they are.
I never rant, but today I'm gonna rant a little, myself.
The first part is about my comic itself. The second is about CP fandom itself.
Separated with "Blue Pixel Orb  :Fire-orb: :Red-orb: :Pink-orb: :Pastelpurple-orb: :Yellow-orb: :Green-orb: :Orange-orb: :Mint-orb: :Silver-orb: :skyblue-orb:" thingies.

Apparently many wonderfully smart people still haven't gotten over it and spend their precious time STALKING THE COMIC AND THE ARTIST THEY HATE, writing insulting comments to me and claiming AWJTK is "gross, disgusting, full of pervy Yaoi" and call me a pedophile, rape supporter, sick, having multiple disgusting fetishes, etc. and it's the most disgusting thing around the Internet, and that I'm ruining the fandom.

First I wanted to point out to those who watch me, I'm not a pedophile, nor I support it.
Pedophilia is DISGUSTING to bits. If you're speaking of Ticci Toby, then sorry, your argument is invalid - Toby is at the very least 17 years old, so fail here. Try harder before you call me a pedophile. Because that is a serious insult.

You hate my comic. I get it. You have all the rights to hate it. It can be scandalous to many. I don't force anyone to love it. I even have a bunch of friends who just don't watch it because they dislike it.
BUT. Dear people. I ASSUME you, if you think some guys in AWJTK kissing/flirting, EVEN my +18 pictures on Tumblr, are what is truly gross - then you've seen NOTHING around the Internet.
You call this gross - wanna know what is really gross?
Comics and pictures of girls eating their own SHIT, drinking their own or men PISS. Girls whoring themselves out with three dozens of men. Group rapes. Gigantic elephant-sized monsters screwing little girls. Humans fucking ANIMALS. Dudes raping NEWBORN KIDS!!!
Yes, they EXIST. 
They are all around the Internet. THAT is what is truly disgusting and gross. And yet it exists out there. 

Still think my comic is the grossest thing out there?
I'll gladly hand you a couple of links, sites and comic titles of what I myself call GROSS.
If you call AWJTK gross, then your virgin eyes seen NOTHING what truly deserves to be called gross :XD:

Comments that you had to read it first to start hating on it are invalid, too.
Adventures With Jeff The Killer - COVER by Sapphiresenthiss - The first cover. THE VERY FIRST COVER. The description. In letters so LARGE they literally BURN your eyes. People cannot read properly, or what?

Really, ladies and lads, do some research before you rant about how gross my stuff is, you're only proving Internet is NOT the right place for you - because if this silly comic makes you suffer that much, your life around the Internet is gonna be an endless AGONY.
What is the funniest thing, is that people like this - those who hate me and who already know they hate my comic - know perfectly well WHAT has happened in the newest comic pages or what I've uploaded through past 2 weeks!
Jeebus christ, masochists much? :iconfacepalmplz: Or stalking me just to have more juicy news to cry about in their rants? WHAT exactly is wrong with you?!
Besides, hating on a PERSON himself/herself only because they draw something you don't like, not because of WHO they are, just shows how inmature you are.

Blue Pixel Orb  :Fire-orb: :Red-orb: :Pink-orb: :Pastelpurple-orb: :Yellow-orb: :Green-orb: :Orange-orb: :Mint-orb: :Silver-orb: :skyblue-orb:Blue Pixel Orb  :Fire-orb: :Red-orb: :Pink-orb: :Pastelpurple-orb: :Yellow-orb: :Green-orb: :Orange-orb: :Mint-orb: :Silver-orb: :skyblue-orb:
Get a life, people, please. It's not me who is ruining the fandom, it's YOU. Making it one ENDLESS bloody, violent battlefield and making it your life goal to turn people against eachother. Many left the fandom because they were simply too stressed to stay.
I've been in many fandoms, but the CP one is FAR the worst one I've ever been at.
Because of all those people who throw those SICK rants all around here and write those stupid comments and notes to me.
Thus the reason I'm actually not even in the fandom anymore. I rarely even submit my art to CP-related groups. If it appears there, then it's because the groups request my work to be submitted there.
I just do my comic, that's pretty much all I have in common with that fandom.

Fandoms should be a place where everyone enjoys themselves in their own way.
I'm personally SICK of all the hate, ranting, attacking, battling, insulting eachother. 
That has been bugging me for long months. I just HAD to say it aloud.
But it's not about ME. I myself do not care at all. Many may hate me, but even more love me.
But many people do not feel that way.
The "Mary Sue" issues and driving people into depression with hateful comments just because their OCs are not so "original".
Insulting people who cannot "draw at all and their art is RUBBISH".
Let's just accept ourselves the way we are. And live in PEACE. Just... please, for the love of fandom and humanity. We don't have to love eachother. But let's not HATE eachother for stupid reasons. If we don't like eachother's work, then let's avoid it. This is not so hard.
CreepyPasta fandom is POISONOUS. Many are leaving because they cannot stand it.
Let's make this fandom a good fandom which everyone should be proud of.
Not a bloody battlefield.

This needed to be said. Period.
Feel free to share if you agree.
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