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Heres another of my and MoKaLo’s RPs I turned into fanfic! ;D Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Laughing Jack and Jeff has decided to take a long walk in the forest.
They walked and walked,when they reached a small shore.
L.J dragged Jeff with him like a little child who sees water for the first time in his life.
The two of them sat down on the shore and looked at the sun setting slowly. The wind blowed in their hair gently.
-Ahh~ Jeff, the breeze feels nice~ Don't cha think so baby?
Jeff snorted.
-Why do you always act like a little child, Wackie? You are an adult, hello! - he poked his boyfriend's forehead with his finger.
-Hahaha but sweetie, I'm a clown~ I always have fun and now that I have my love with me, I couldn't be happier~ - L.J snuggled close to Jeff, giggling softly.
-Yes, and my ass still hurts after our lovely night!- Jeff growled. -I think I'm regretting my choice!
- Aw sweetie, it has been 3 months already after that "lovely night".... Are you sure it still hurts?- L.J looked into Jeff's eyes smiling. - You're sitting without any problems after all...
Jeff only growled in response, smacking L.J's hand away. He was definitely in his bitching mood again.
L.J looked at Jeff and sighed. Then he looked at the sunset again. After a little silence between them, L.J said:
-Jeff..... I'm glad we met each other.... you're my best friend and my lovely boyfriend.... I hope you will never leave me....- L.J sighed again. - ...It hurts when you lost someone you really care for...
-Em...- Jeff mumbled. - So... you still remember... when your first friend left you?...
L.J grunted and looked in the distance, without changing his expression. Jeff could see a small tear in his eye corner. - He is no friend of mine......
The young killer sniffed quietly and put his hands in his hoodie's pockets. He said nothing, but kept looking at L.J.
L.J was silent for a while,then he rubbed his eyes and looked at Jeff with a grin. - Heehehehe but you're my friend Jeff~ And we are gonna be together forever~
-Eh... L.J...- Jeff mumbled. - You know I'm a human... I will not live forever... you will still be young while I will be dead already...
L.J looked at Jeff,still making a fake smile on his face. - Don't worry Jeff. We still have a long way to go... You're only 19... hehehe~
-Yes, but... I will not be young forever... - Jeff looked away, biting his lip. -Why can't I be immortal like you, L.J?...
- Jeff.... I will love you, no matter how you look like.- L.J grabbed Jeff's hands and stuttered. - D-don't leave me like Isaac did.... please.... I don't care if you're not immortal like me.... just stay your whole life with me.... we're best friends and lovers, right?
Jeff sniffed again, cuddling to L.J.
-I'll not leave you... I promise...- he whispered, a single tear running down his cheek.
- Jeff....are you....- L.J gasped a little, then hugged his boyfriend, smiling gently. - Thank you Jeff.... I love you so much....- The clown closed his eyes, smiling and feeling Jeff's warm body against his own.
Jeff smiled in response, hugging his boyfriend.
-It's warm... do you want to take a short bath in the sea?
L.J looked at Jeff and grinned happily. This time his smile wasn't fake one, it was real happiness.
-Sure baby~ - L.J lifted his boyfriend in his arms and started to carry him towards the water, grinning mischievously.
-I see what you have in that sly head of yours! - Jeff grinned under his nose. - You want to fuck me again, don't you?
L.J had waded so far that he now had water to his waist. Then he grinned.
-Maaaayyybe, but first I wanna do this~ - He threw his boyfriend in the cold water and then laughed like an idiotic circus clown.
Water covered Jeff completely. Jeff gasped in shock and thus swallowed a huge amount of salty water. He started choking and coughing, trying to spit out the water and catch his breath. His eyes, unable to blink, went teary and red.
- Bwahahahaha,you should see yourself baby, you're all wet!!! - The clown cackled again after Jeff got up from under the water.
-A... are... a... ARE YOU CRAZY?!!! - Jeff roared, still coughing and wincing in pain. -ARE YOU FUCKING INSANE?! YOU THINK IT IS FUNNY??!!! - he yelled louder and louder, tears running down his cheeks.
- Oh come on babe~ You wanted to get a bath in the first place~ - L.J grinned with his sharp shark teeth, still laughing like a maniac clown. - Babyyyy, it was a joke~
-You... you... you SON OF A BITCH!!!-  Jeff yelled. - You KNEW I couldn't blink! Do you have any fucking idea how much this hurts?! Well, maybe I'll help you understand?!!! - Jeff splashed the salty water straight into L.J's eyes out of sudden.
L.J just giggled and wiped his eyes from the salty water. His black make up ran down his face from his eyes and he grinned.
-Aww baby, you messed my make up. Now I look silly~ - Still cackling and looking at Jeff, L.J looked so funny with all his make up running all over his face.
-You...- Jeff hissed. - You really are insane... you almost drowned me and you aren't even sorry for it... You know what?! NO WONDER THAT ISAAC-GUY HAS LEFT YOU! - Jeff screamed right in L.J's face with anger. That stabbed L.J right in the heart.
L.J stopped laughing that instant. He looked at Jeff,with sad face.
-B...but I thought that.... you would think it would be funny.... I... I have seen many couples do this to each other....a-and I just.... w-wanted to make you laugh.... - L.J looked down, biting his lower lip. - I---I'm sorry Jeff....I....I just wanted to make you smile and laugh....- L.J turned around and showed his back to Jeff. - I'm sorry baby....I'm so stupid.... I guess I should be left all alone after all....
-Well, yes, you should be! You're too stupid for ANYONE to stand you! You only laugh like a fucking brainless hyena! You know what? I HATE YOU! - Jeff screamed and suddenly pushed L.J roughly into the water, making him hit the underwater rock with his stomach.
L.J got up slowly after hitting his stomach and then he said in a low, teary voice:
-And you promised you will never leave me.... - L.J started to move away slowly, sobbing and hugging himself. “Fuck I'm so stupid! FUCK!! Jeff is right!! Isaac must have hated me too! Because I'm stupid idiot! I should have stayed in that box after all.... I wish Isaac never would have left me out of there.... FUCK!!!" L.J thought to himself after he moved a little spot, where he could be alone. He just stood there, still water reaching to his waist and the clown cried.
-Maybe this time, I will lose even my black and white colors.... well that serves me right.... I hope I will disappear...- The clown closed his eyes and sobbed and hugged himself.
Jeff just stood there in the water, glaring at L.J with rage.
-Yeah, I hope you will dissapear as well! - he hissed, then turned around and simply walked to the closest rock, sit on it and started staring at the sun.
L.J looked at the water, he saw his reflection on the water and then he washed his face with the cold water. He now lost all his make up and then he sighed.
-What I'm gonna do now? - He hugged himself, still looking at his reflection on the water.
-Jeff will never forgive me.... I know it....- He talked to himself and closed his eyes again. He didn't want to see his reflection on the water. - I just....wanted to make you happy, Jeff....I....- L.J bit his lower lip so hard it started to bleed. - Please Jeff....forgive my stupidness....- L.J looked in the distance and saw Jeff far away from him, sitting on the rock. The clown blinked and looked down. - If I go to Jeff... he will only shout at me and say how much he hates me... I have... nowhere to go....- L.J looked at the sun which has almost disappeared. -...I guess I will stay here and wait for my colors to disappear....
Jeff also didn't move. He just sit there on a rock, alone. He promised himself to do not make any moves first. He wanted L.J to come to him and ask for forgiveness.
After half hour has passed, L.J finally came up with something he could say and he slowly went to Jeff. He looked at his boyfriend who sat on the rock.
-Jeff....are we really gonna break up now?
Jeff looked at him, his eyes still slightly red from the salty water.
-Well, well, well, look who is crawling here! Mister "I'm Too Stupid For Words"! Why so serious suddenly? Where did your makeup-thingy go? You look pathetic.- he smirked cruelly.
L.J looked at Jeff,without changing his expression. - I just want an answer for my question, Jeff.... so I know how I will say my next words.
-Well, what if I say no? - Jeff replied. - May I expect my tongue to be sliced off and my guts ripped out like that Isaac-guy's?
L.J shook his head slowly.
-No.... I was just wondering that if you say no, then I hope you a good life. And I promise you won't see me ever again....
Jeff looked at him.
-Well then... let's say I AM in a pranking mood now... and I want to have a good laugh... so TAKE THAT! - saying this he suddenly threw a piece of disgusting, stinky, slimy seaweed straight in L.J's face. Then he started to laugh, but that wasn't that honest, sweet laugh L.J knew.*
L.J just stood there, looking at Jeff with his dark eyes. The slimy seaweed slowly slid down L.J's face and then L.J smiled a little.
-At least I can make you smile, Jeff....I hope you have fun time humiliating me in all different ways. Because all I want to see is you smiling.- L.J gulped hard and fought back the tears.
-Oh, you bet I have! - Jeff picked up a piece of thick, dark mud and threw it in L.J's chest, making the black dirt run down his pale skin. Then he grabbed a little, colorful crab. He threw it straight in L.J's face, making the tiny, scared creature pinch the clown's nose with it's pincers and hold to i tight. Jeff kept laughing during doing this.
L.J looked sad but he still smiled. He kept that adorable smile on his face. He looked at Jeff and just smiled gently. He didn't yell and he didn't even notice the pain the crab did to his cone nose. Finally the crab loosed it's grab and fell to the water and swam away. L.J still looked at Jeff, without changing his expression.
-I love you Jeff.....
Jeff smirked.
-Well, okay, I had my fun... but that was only the beginning. Get on your hands and knees, monochrome bitch! On this stone! - he commanded, his eyes dark and cruel.
-Whatever to make you happy love...- L.J smiled gently and got up from the water, getting on his hands and knees, looking at Jeff, still smiling.

The rest of the fanfic is getting hot so it can be read in my Tumblr! :iconheeplz:
Nick is Sapphiresenthiss, like here.

What more could I say? :iconhurrhurrplz:
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I can't find it! Can you send me a link plz? :iconawwwplz:

Oh, never mind, I found a link. This story is awesome! AND DAMMIT JEFF HOW DARE YOU HURT JACK LIKE THAT???
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The fucking feels man!
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Damn, thats cute.
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It would be SO cool if that happens in the comic.
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What's the whole issue finding it at all? You just use Google and it pops up instantly.
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Just use google to find it.
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Oh my god, this makes me just wanna hug my little monochrome clown... Jeff: JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE MY NAME IN YOUR USERNAME DOESN'T MAKE HIM YOURS! Me: It does if you're being a complete b***h to LJ! Sorry about that. ^^'
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um, im sorry to bother you but i really reeeeeeeeally want to finish you fanfics (because they're awesome) but i cant find your tumblr page, could you help me? im really sorry!
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Google it and you'll find it :)
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And no lol I don't- really though it's a great story! :heart:
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my feels through this...
Sad, confused , mad at jeff, sad, broken, slightly happy, EXTREME OVERLOAD FANGIRLING.... in other words...
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Well... That escalated quickly. (o^o)"
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