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September 19, 2012
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The Forest Warriors by Sapphiresenthiss The Forest Warriors by Sapphiresenthiss
"Dragon is the best friend of every elf." ~Ciaran aep Easnillien in The Better Tomorrow (one of my fics - "Lepsze Jutro" in oryginal Polish ;))

Just felt like I have to draw Iorveth.
So I drew him... with Saphira (or formally Sapphiresenthiss/ Saphillirenn)! =D The elven guard, protector of Scoia'tael and forest warrior.
Even if the dragoness prefers to be with Ciaran, those two make a great fighting team together.

Sapphiresenthiss me
Iorveth Witcher

Other Saphira/Witcher works HERE

Random works with Sapphiresenthiss & elves:

Comments highly appreciated!

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I looked over this for a good several minutes, and it's difficult to critique! It's drawn almost to perfection! Especially Iorveth; his body language is dead on, which really conveys his attitude 100% accurately. His lips and eyes are especially well done (and the work on his nose accents this further) - that look he always has, turning his nose up at everything, you have captured it perfectly with a unique softness.

I think there is some detail missing from his attire, mainly to make it look worn yet tough (especially the parts made of leather(?)) which looks a little more like fur in your drawing. But regardless, I still think it looks great, you haven't skipped on the depth, shading, and finer lines to accent the material (which like I mentioned sadly looks more furry). So on the right track!

I would never in a million years be able to draw a dragon to the excellent standard you have. So much detail on her's incredible! I especially love the work on her eye - perfect for a dragon. Because their faces are so close, I couldn't help notice the contrast in their eyes, which I doubt was intentional, but if so - brilliant. She has so much brightness (and something of innocence maybe?) whereas his are quite flat and show pessimism and scepticism. Wonderful.

This is similar in their whole bodies too - she, a bright blue and prominent, whereas he is coloured quite dully, and it contrasts strongly. I may be looking too deeply into this now, but this could represent the whole premise of their partnership in The Witcher 2 - fighting for independence for those who are shunned, and would seem unlikely partners - fighting for the same cause despite their major differences. I really loved this, and it struck me because I've not seen that many like it. +1 originality!

It would have been nice to see a more detailed background, but it works fine the way it is too because the focus really is on just the two of them.

Overall a very, very nice piece of work. Would have been great to see more detail in areas but you are dead on with the most important parts of it and that's what made the biggest impact. Nicely done!
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Avarati-Elvo Mar 2, 2013  Student Writer
Twój fik??? :wow: Chcę to przeczytać :heart:
Jeszcze go kończę ;) Ale tak, piszę piszę!

-Czy w twoim świecie są Dh'oine? - zapytał Iorveth.
-Nie ma - odparła Sapphiresenthiss.
-Wspaniale! - ucieszył się elf. - No a Seidhe?
-No cóż, nic nie jest doskonałe - westchnął elfi dowódca.
Avarati-Elvo Mar 2, 2013  Student Writer
hehe no to pisz pisz czekam ;)

Kurde, no to faktycznie przewalone mają tam smoki ;)
Znając mnie to sobie trochę poczekasz :lol:
Czy ja wiem czy przewalone, jak czegoś nie znasz, to nie czujesz z tego powodu żalu, nie? ;)
Avarati-Elvo Mar 3, 2013  Student Writer
Spoko, ja w czekaniu jestem cierpliwa ;)
Berry--Boo Jan 19, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I love it :D
MerigoldPL Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
O rany, jak Ci genialnie Iorweth wyszedł =D I ta blizna, i to oko... wielbię :)
A ja myślałam, że go schrzaniłam ;)
LuuPetitek Sep 24, 2012  Student General Artist
smok jak zawsze super co do gościa to zrobiłabym bardziej wyraźne cienie żeby nie było wszystko tak rozmazane
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