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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Exotic animals breeder.

I DON'T do:
-Art Trades
I don't add OCs to my AWJTK comic for now.
Commissions are currently closed.


:iconstopplz: WARNING: I'm a YAOI/SLASH artist who draws said subject quite often.
If you're by any meanings offended by this, do not enter my gallery.

In my gallery you can find:

-Photos of nature, exotic animals like snakes, tarantulas, little mammals etc.
-Some fan fiction.

Drawings of:

-Xiaolin Showdown
-The Hobbit/ LOTR
-Fantasy (dragons, werewolves, monsters...)
-The Witcher
-Harry Potter
-Lion King
-Horror Slashers
-Animal Art
Cartoons, semi-realistic and realistic.



Remember the copyright. Art and photo theft is a crime like any other crime.
If you want to use - ask me, I'm always open for questions and ideas.
I never say "no" with no reason :)
Thank you.

Now about me...

What I like: Animals, nature, Yaoi/Slash, CreepyPasta, horror movies, Pokemon, Hobbit, etc. I like what I draw and I draw what I like.

What I dislike: Animal abuse, haters, spammers, art theft, people who mess with nature.


YouTube channel:…


Chinese dragons (snakelike, wing-less) or European dragons (with wings)? 

753 deviants said I like both equally!
287 deviants said European dragons!
181 deviants said Chinese dragons!
This just needs to be said as it's been making me feel so sorry for some people around here.

As a person who draws art some people might highly dislike - Yaoi/Slash mostly - I'm meeting hatred and cheap insults from people more or less often.
Well, mostly DID meet that, as now surprisingly there's quite a lot of peace involving me, the issue seems to be moving on to more sensitive people.
They don't just judge our art - they judge us as a person. Calling us names I won't quote here, letting us know we're a horrible abomination, and so, and so on. There were some DEATH THREATS and wishes as well, seen around and experienced.
This affects many other artists like me, those who draw porn, those who draw Yaoi/Slash, certain fetishes, etc.
I've seen them being abused like this recently and this makes me sick.
Even one of my watchers, OfficialTheol, made a journal about it recently.
It doesn't affect me anymore like it affects other people I've seen, but what I see is happening with other artists being harassed is simply horrible.

The question is - what exactly do those morons see to judge a whole person this way?
They see the ART. And that's what they judge the entire person by.
Most of these artists are very nice, kind people. I know many of those who go through this all and they did nothing to deserve this crap.

Honestly, this is simply pathetic in my humble opinion. This only shows how easily ticked off, oversensitive, whiny and bitchy some people are. 
What gives them the right to judge a person by their art? Seriously, they should really grow up. Or get tf outta Internet, because if some art so only slightly gay or only slightly fetish-y makes them so ticked off that their vein's ready to burst, then they really shouldn't be here.
Sooner or later they'll see something that will make that vein finally pop and we'll have one dimwit less in this world :giggle:

Yes, some fetishes are horrible to me - for example vore, hard vore, etc.
I know some people who are into it, they even asked me if I'd RP this with them. The answer was no, but did I judge them? Did they become my enemies or did I even stop talking to them?
NOPE! More, I know a guy who draws vore very often and yet I love his art and view it often. Why?
Because not counting the vore part, his art is beautiful, AND he's a kind, sweet and very nice person!
Some fetishes go way beyond that, yes, and it's hard to keep a straight face, and I saw some fetish art that made me - ME who watches SAW movies while eating spaghetti! - sick and wanting to puke. Trust me, you wouldn't want the details of all I've seen around the Internet.
But never did I insult the artist. 

But seriously, some gay/lesbian art? XD Some light fetishes with no harm??? Grow up, kids!
(It'd be wrong if we pictured all gays as sex-lust driven fucking machines who live just to take a dick up their backside. THIS, yes, this would be insulting beyond measure to some homosexual people.)
In their eyes, me and ones like me may be abominations. In MY eyes they're nothing more than a bunch of whining, nagging, overreacting, immature brats who just must make themselves feel better by speaking out their opinion and insulting the artist and think they're very important and that someone cares >XD
You can and you have all the rights in the world to hate my art! I hate many things, too!
But hating me as a person BECAUSE of my art is WHAT is incredibly stupid and brainless :roll:

Peace~ When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)  And an advice: If you're having a moron like this harassing you over your art?
Block, then report for harassment. Simple. And don't let them make you upset!
There's a very wise quote I once read: Don't discuss with a moron. First they'll drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience :)
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